A Pop Of Colour Tabletopper

This design is a tribute to the bright colors and shapes of the 1960's. The color in this design comes from the Caron Watercolours thread. You have two colorways to get you started: the bright retro peachy version and the more reserved antique white version.

Threads for antique white colorway:
DMC size 5 PC - 501, 931, 3045 (2)
Caron Watercolors - 008 Nefertiti
DMC size 12 PC - 931

Threads for retro peach colorway:
DMC size 5 pearl cotton - 320, 334, 900 (2)
Caron Watercolours - 032 Passion
DMC size 12 PC - 666

Antique White Anne Cloth or Peach Anne Cloth

DMC size 12 pearl cotton:
931 on Antique White AC
666 on Peach AC

DMC size 5 pearl cotton:
501, 931, 3045 (2) on Antique White AC
320, 334, 900 (2) on Peach AC

Caron Watercolours:
008 Nefertiti on Antique White AC
032 Passion on Peach AC

Please note that pattern instructions that come with a kit will include instructions, threads, fabric, etc, ONLY for that specific kit item, and the instructions may not contain all of the options that are included if you separately buy just the chart of this title.
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