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Tyra's mom came to us as a stray, already "pre-loaded". We couldn't touch her, but she ate anything and everything we put out for her, hence the name Piggy! She deposited the four-week old kitties under our deck, just in time, since she was still kitten-sized herself and her kittens were beginning to get active. We named the kittens as we saw them: Tiger the fearless with tiger stripes; Runty, the black and white who was second out from under the deck; Fluffy who was a black and white long-haired kitty; and Tigger, the last out from under the deck and the one who loved to have it's stomach rubbed.

We were able to give them all away, but Tiger came back to us. We also found out that she was female, so the name changed to Tyra. Even so, she never lost her fearlessness or her energy, hence the "typhoon". She loves to run full speed from one end of the house to the other, climb the screen doors and the porch door, and of course do all of the other kitten things like ripping things to shreds and playing hard until she drops!

tyra1_small.jpg tyra2_small.jpg gusntyra121000_small.jpg tyra4_small.jpg tyra5_small.jpg
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p6100200_small.jpg p6100198_small.jpg p6090195_small.jpg p1280040_small.jpg p1210012_small.jpg
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